How To Get Prepared for a Rowing Race

Rowing races are very competitive. It is a challenge against time and speed. If you take good preparation before the race, then you will have an advantage over the other participants or teams during the event.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep the night before the competition. So, go to bed early so that you can wake up early in the morning as well. If you are participating in multiple categories, then you can take naps in between to recharge yourself.

Eat good food

You may wonder what food has to do with a race. Well, it will give you the energy to row the boat fast towards your destination on the day of the race. So, the night before you must load yourself up with carbohydrates.

If you are participating in a team race, then have a pasta party, for example. That way all the members of the team can have carbohydrates.

On the day of the event, wake up early so that you get the time to have a full breakfast. Don’t eat food just before the race. If you are hungry at that time, have a simple granola or protein bar. You won’t be able to race with your stomach full after all.

Make sure you are well hydrated. The day may be hot and sunny so you must drink plenty of water to help you get going.

Put oil on your skin

Before the race, you must apply oil to your skin to lower friction during the race. If needed, apply more oil on the skin in between the races so that you can keep on rowing smoothly throughout the race.

Keep your mind calm

Don’t get anxious or nervous before the race. To calm down your mind, you can listen to music before the race or talk to the other participants. You can also take a short job to warm up.

Make a mental plan for the race

If your team has come up with a plan or strategy, then know about it. You can also have a personal plan for the race. You should do whatever works for you. You must visualise what you are going to do to beat the opponents. Try to control your emotions during the race as it can affect your performance. Don’t think too much about the opponents; focus on your performance.

Check everything

Before the race, make sure that your boat is in a good condition. Check whether the stretchers are tied. Make sure that your slide is rolling properly. You should wear the right clothes so that you are comfortable rowing for long hours.

Have water bottles on board so that you can stay hydrated throughout the race. If it’s a team race, talk about the plan and strategy you are going to apply for the race so that all of you are on the same page during the race.

If you prepare for the race, you will be able to give your best performance during the race. This will increase your chance of winning.