Rowing is a water sport requiring a lot of physical and mental strength. It’s a great sport that provides recreation too. Rowing down beautiful waters and enjoying the wonderful surroundings can be very peaceful.

The sport of rowing has become popular over the years, especially in places full of lakes and rivers. Olympics and other major events take place throughout the year. The number of rowing clubs has increased because of the demand for this sport.

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Here you will get tips on getting prepared for the races. Experienced coaches will give you advice on practice and enhancing your rowing skills. Here you will hear stories of the champions and know what hurdles they had to overcome to be in the top position.

The articles here will motivate you in rowing. You will know about the rules and regulations of this sport. That way you will know the right way of participating in events. You will also know the safety rules so that you don’t get into trouble in the water. We hope you find this site informative and useful. It is a great site for those interested in rowing.