Guide To Betting on Rowing

Rowing is a favourite sport of many people today. It’s a joy watching people racing on the water. Rowing is especially popular in places that are surrounded by lakes and waterways and England is one such place. The annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race is a special event enjoyed by many people.

Due to the popularity of the sport, betting on rowing has also become popular. There are various online casino sites like mFortune casino where you can bet on rowing. Here you will know all about betting on rowing.

Find the right bookmakers

Not all bookmakers are experts at betting on rowing. Also, most casinos offer rowing betting only for big events like the Olympics. You need to find a good bookmaker who will give good odds.

Know the types of bets

You can bet on different types of bets. The H2H bets are the most attractive ones. This type of bet provides good odds. Know about the rowers or squads before betting because you need to guess who will rank higher overall. You can also bet on the winner and it can be a single rower or a full squad.

If you are betting on a big event, then you should go for the bets 1-3. In this type of bet, you should bet on the rowers or squads of rowers who will score the top on the scoreboard. However, the odds of winning this type of bet are lower.

Understand the odds

If you are betting on rowing for the first time, then you should understand the odds. Most bookmakers use the ‘A/B’ odds system. The odds are based on probability. The bookmakers consider a lot of factors in determining the outcome of the race.

You should do a lot of research before any major rowing event. You must know the statistics of the rowers and the squads so that you can bet wisely.